Wrong Turns And Right Recoveries: What Happens When You Off-Road The Wrong Way

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Off-roading in an ATV or UTV can be a lot of fun. In fact, a lot of people might argue that if you do not come back covered in mud, you did not off-road the right way. However, if you take a wrong turn, you can get your ATV or UTV stuck somewhere that you never intended to get stuck. When that happens, you need off road recovery. There are right ways to recover your vehicle, and there are wrong ways to recover it. 

​Down a Steep Slope

Ignoring road rules is often part of this outdoor entertainment sport. Yet, some rules should not be ignored (like when there is a cliff with a steep slope). When you ignore caution signs that tell you to keep away from steep slopes, or you accidentally go over these cliffs, you can bet that it is going to be very tricky walking away alive, let alone getting your vehicle back up the slope. A winch is absolutely necessary, but you are going to need that winch attached to a motor and a truck. You could also have a manual cranking winch, but that winch still needs to attach to something really solid, which may be difficult to find in your circumstances if the manual winch is not attached to a friend's truck.

​Tire-High Thick Mud

Well, if you get the ATV or UTV stuck in mud, nobody can claim you did not off-road "right." Still, when the mud is swamp-thick and higher than your tires, that might have taken things a little too far. You need to get the vehicle out of there before the mud and moisture get into the engine.

If that happens, you are going to be spending a lot of quality off-roading time taking apart the engine to wash out mud. The only way your vehicle is getting out of this mess is power-winching because gunning the engine in the ATV or UTV is only going to get more of that mud up inside and cause the vehicle to sink farther. Get a super-powerful power winch mounted to a truck (preferably a tow truck), and hook the winching cable or chain to your ATV's/UTV's recovery loop on the frame of said vehicle. It is highly possible that the truck will not only have to power-winch things out of the mud, but the truck will also have to gun its own engine forward to get your recreational vehicle out of mud that high.

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11 October 2018

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