Working as a Freelance Trucker? Why You Should Have More Than One Semi Tractor

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When you decide that you would like to work as a freelance trucking agent, you gain more freedom and independence to work when you want to, plus you can choose to take short-range or long-distance work. However, you run into the problem and the expense of finding a place to rest overnight if you take long-distance jobs. To resolve this, you should have more than one semi tractor. Here are more reasons why you should have more than one semi tractor for your work as a freelance trucker.

You Need Tractors With Varying Levels of Power

Some semi tractors are able to pull even more weight than the standard trucks. If you buy other used freightliner trucks, you can have a semi tractor for each kind of job you take on, and they can all pull more weight/freight than the standard models. Then you can offer potential clients different shipping options based on the weight your trucks can pull.

You Need Long-Distance Sleeper Cabs

There are a couple of different sleeper cab models on these trucks. Some are roomier than others, which may help on your really long travels for a client. The extra space during the day doubles as storage for clothes and snacks for the road.

It helps to have at least two sleeper cab trucks; one for shorter long-distance trips and one for really long and very far away destination trips. Then you can take on these kinds of jobs for clients and save money on hotel or motel rooms by sleeping in your cab. If you also have to provide some security for what you are hauling, then the sleeper cabs allow you to remain very close to your cargo and protect it from anyone who attempts to break into the trailer right behind the sleeper cab.

You Have More Than One Back-up Truck When Others Are Broken Down

Trucks break down. This is just fact. If you have more than one truck in your line-up of trucks, you have a back-up truck and you can continue to work even when your primary truck is in need of repair or is in the shop to be fixed.

Cutting Costs to Get More Trucks

To get more trucks so that you can accept more jobs as a freelance trucker, consider buying used freightliner trucks. You can save several thousands of dollars buying used, and quickly repay the loans you take out to buy the used trucks. If you can only afford two to start, buy a basic semi truck and a sleeper cab with extra pulling power.

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27 March 2017

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